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MaaS Market London 2019
Wed 20th Mar 2019 to Thu 21st Mar 2019
Inmarsat Conference Centre


MaaS Market London 2019*

DAY 1 (20 March) 
10.00 Coffee and registration

Moderator’s welcome - Nick Higham, Journalist and Broadcaster

11.00 Session 1 - Opening Keynotes; transport in the digital age
Meeting traveller expectations
Paul Campion, CEO, Transport Systems Catapult, UK

Creating pan-European mobility solutions in the digital age
Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO, ERTICO and President MaaS Alliance

Other speakers to be confirmed on:
Thinking big and transport in context – access to jobs; reducing commuting through smarter housing and land use
Why smartphones and Uber have changed expectations 
The sharing economy, Transport Horizon 2020 and beyond
Transport implications of ride hailing apps and on-line retail

12.05 Questions

12.15 Session 2 – Round Table
The role of vertical transport providers - will MaaS destroy public transport as we know it?

Lauri Suokannas, Head of Business Development, Taksi Helsinki
Jennifer Fulford, Head of Diversification, Eurostar
Other participants to be confirmed

12.55 Questions

13.10 – 1400  Lunch
14.00 Session 3 - Where is the technology taking us?

AVs - good, bad or red herrings
Robbert Lohmann, Chief Commercial Officer, 2getthere

Other speakers to be confirmed on:
Can your turnstiles and buses accept mobile ticketing? 
Improving traveller information

15.10 Questions

15.30 – 15.50 Tea
15.50  Session 4 - A transportation step-change and the environmental imperative

Trust and sharing transport
Andy Taylor, Strategy Director, Cubic Transportation Systems

Future vehicle and interchange design
Artur Mausbach, Architect, City Planner and Vehicle Designer, Royal College of Art, UK

Other speakers to be confirmed on:
Can MaaS help solve the air quality crisis?
The future role of the car – the end of a love story
Increasing car occupancy – technology, design
The electrification of transport; creating a charging infrastructure
Rethinking infrastructure requirements in a MaaS world

16.40 Session 5 – International Case Studies 
Chris Lane, Head of Smart Travel, Transport for West MIdlands, UK
Gary C Thomas, Executive Director, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), Dallas, USA
Filipe Coelho, Mobility Program Manager, Via Verde Serviços, Portugal

17.30 Networking drinks and canapés reception
DAY 2 (21 March)

08.15 Coffee

Moderator’s welcome - Nick Higham, Journalist and Broadcaster
09.00 Opening Keynotes

The harsh reality of urban mobility
Frederic Bruneteau, Managing Director, Ptolemus

09.40  Session 6 - Round Table
Developing policy in a MaaS universe – who’s in charge and who carries the can?

Michael Hurwitz, Head of Transport Innovation, Transport for London, UK
Gary C Thomas, Executive Director, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), Dallas, USA
Gustav Friis, Project Manager, MaaS Project, City of Aarhus, Denmark
Piia Karjalainen, Senior Manager, MaaS Alliance

Other participants to be confirmed

10.30 Questions

10.45 Coffee
11.15 Session 7 - Working for the community and the latest thinking in First and Last Mile

The role of micro-mobility in a MaaS landscape
Richard Corbett, Head of UK, Ireland and Nordics, Bird

Other speaker to be confirmed on:
On demand transport – the digital age paradigm
Meeting the needs of the elderly, the disabled and parents with shopping and toddlers Walking as a mobility policy
Bike share – utilising road space or a hazard in the making
12.15 Questions

12.25  Session 8  - Follow the money; investment, business models and public funds
Will MaaS reduce the need for public subsidy?
John Pope, Public Transport Consortium Policy Advisor, Local Government Association, UK

Other speakers to be confirmed on:
What will MaaS cost, who will invest and why?
Does Blockchain have a role? 
Calculating the real cost of congestion

13.00 - 1350 Lunch

13.50 Session 9 – International Case Studies
Claus Rehfeld Moshøj, CEO, Rejsekort, Denmark
Beth Cocker, Head of Design and Consultancy, Viaqqio

Other speakers to be confirmed

14.50 Questions

14.55. Session 10 – Closing Round Table
Getting started, changing mindsets and developing standards

Sandra Witzel, Head of Marketing, SkedGo and member of the MaaS Alliance
Dominick Moxon-Tritsch, Director of Regulation and Public Policy, Taxify

Climbing out of silos: building consensus between operators and combined authorities
APIs and interoperability 
Allowing third parties to sell public transport tickets
Protecting taxi and minicab service standards
Restricting private vehicle access and parking

15.50 Conference Close – Tea

* The organisers reserve the right to change the programme at any time