2017 Speakers


Nick Higham, Journalist and Broadcaster

Nick Higham is a journalist, most notably as a correspondent for BBC News.

Educated at Bradfield College and St Catharine's College, Cambridge, he began his career as a freelance journalist between 1978 and 1988 when he joined the BBC as their first Media Correspondent. His role expanded to include the arts as well as media before becoming an analyst for BBC News 24 in 2003. Since 2007 he has been a wider correspondent for BBC News. 

Hans Arby, UbiGo Innovation
Hans Arby, CEO of UbiGo Innovation, was a key figure behind the successful development and test of UbiGo in Gothenburg, a fully integrated mobility service for urban households and businesses. For the last 12 years he has focused on sustainable transport and ITS for the public and private sector.  Besides working with commercialising the UbiGo concept, Arby currently provides strategic support to cities in developing transport strategies and long term planning and marketing of public transport.
Jacob Bangsgaard, Ertico – ITS Europe
Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO of Ertico – ITS Europe since 1 January, 2017, has been a member of the Ertico Supervisory Board since 2012.  A Danish national with a university background in international economics and 25 years’ experience working in Brussels on transport and mobility issues, he was formerly Director General, Region I (EMEA), of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). He is also president of the MaaS Alliance and has an outstanding competence and proven leadership in all aspects of ITS especially concerning user aspects and needs.
Professor Margaret Bell CBE
Professor Bell is Science City Professor in Transport and Environment, at the Transport Operations Research Group at Newcastle University. She was honoured as Commander of the British Empire (CBE) for her services to Sustainable Transport in 2006 and has resided as the Chair of the ITS (UK) Smart Environment Interest Group since its inception in 2000. She is a fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Highway Engineers. Professor Bell’s research spans almost 45 years and embraces monitoring, modelling and management of traffic, emissions, air quality, noise, exposure to evaluate health and climate change impacts.
Anne Berner, Minister of Transport & Communications, Finland
Anne Berner is a business executive, a member of Finland's parliament since 2015, and the country's current Minister of Transport and Communications.  A key political initiative of her ministerial term has been the transport code, constituting a complete legislative reform of the transport sector markets. The Transport Code Reform is regarded as ground breaking globally, heavily deregulating existing transport legislation while also laying grounds for future transport models such as Mobility as a Service and digitalising the entire sector. 
She has served as CEO for Vallila Interior, an interior design company, since 1986 and also has a long career as a board professional on several publicly listed Finnish and international companies.
Paul Brubaker, Alliance for Transportation Innovation
Paul Brubaker is President and CEO of the Alliance for Transportation Innovation, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to accelerating the deployment of innovations that will dramatically improve the safe and efficient movement of people and goods.
He is the former Research and Innovative Technology Administrator at the US Department of Transportation where he led a number of initiatives including SafeTrip21 — the world’s first multi-modal convergence of commercial technologies designed to improve transportation efficiency. He also served as a former Senate subcommittee staff director, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence (Deputy Chief Information Officer), and Chairman of the Virginia Centre for Innovative Technology.
Miller Crockart, PTV Group.
Along with his team, Miller Crockart, VP Global Sales & Marketing Traffic Software, PTV Group, has led advancements in software applications for not only multimodal transport planning and simulation but also in the fast developing segments of real-time traffic information and management; connected and autonomous vehicles simulation and management; MaaS business case development software programs and MaaS intelligent software components that plug into the future operating systems/platforms.  Miller also sits on the Corporate Partnership Board of the OECD, advising the Ministries of Transport of all member states on the latest technical advancements inducing change on the mobility of people and goods worldwide.
Tim Gammons, Arup
Tim Gammons, Director, Smarter Mobility & ITS, Arup, has over 30 years’ experience in the planning, design, operation and project management of ITS and control systems for the inter-urban and urban environment. Prior to joining Arup, he was involved in transport solutions at several organisation, including the UK Department of Transport, Highways Agency and private sector. Notable is his 15 years leading the delivery of some of the UK’s first ITS solutions for inter-urban highways and a period of two years in Bangkok as technical advisor to the Royal Thai Government.
Richard Harris, Real ITS Global
Richard Harris is internationally recognised as a leading expert in ITS. He has over 30 years’ experience, held senior positions in companies and industry associations and been at the forefront of ITS development and deployment.   He was inducted into the ITS World Congress Hall of Fame in 2015 as the recipient of the life time achievement award. His citation read “An effective and charismatic champion and thought-leader for ITS for over 25 years who selflessly promotes ITS in general, without commercial considerations or bias. Known, respected, trusted and liked by ITS professionals all over the world, his commitment in worldwide organisations continues to inspire and benefit the international ITS community
Sampo Hietanen, MaaS Global
Sampo Hietanen is the CEO of MaaS Global and widely regarded as the “father” of the Mobility as a Service concept.  A civil engineer by background, he has held many executive positions in both the civil engineering and ITS sectors. Previously, Hietanen was CEO at ITS Finland, CEO at Helpten, a Finnish based driving data operator, and Executive VP at Destia, the largest Finnish infrastructure and construction service company.
Martin Higgitt, Systra
Martin Higgitt leads Systra’s Sustainable Travel and Transport market sector. He is currently involved in an Innovate UK-funded project to develop a MaaS platform for young people in Scotland. He has also worked with ITS, University of Leeds in developing a vision for MaaS in relation to changing lifestyles and travel behaviours and is a board member of Carplus Bikeplus, a charity that advocates and promotes shared transport.
Mike Holdsworth, Inmarsat
Mike Holdsworth, Sector Development Director, Inmarsat, has 20 years’ experience of the telecoms, satellite and defence industries. Most of his work has been in the global military and government sectors, but this has been tempered with extensive work in the telecoms, petrochemical and broadcasting environments with a heavy focus on supporting mission critical communications on land, sea and in the air. 
Michael Hurwitz, Transport for London (TfL)
As Director of Transport Innovation at TfL, Michael Hurwitz drives collaborations with the private sector and central Government that attract and test technology opportunities, ensuring that London enhances its status as a global magnet for innovative transport technology development and investment. His previous role was as Director (Energy, Technology and International) at the UK Department for Transport where he set up and led national programmes and policies worth £1 billion, including ultra-low emissions vehicles, driverless and connected cars and future fuels. 
Will Judge, Mastercard
Will Judge is Head of Urban Mobility, Mastercard, and is responsible for establishing and driving the company’s global urban mobility partnerships and activities.  Working with technology partners, Judge and his team co-create cutting-edge smart city solutions, applying Mastercard’s global connectivity and open standards to urban areas in order to deliver more efficient and more convenient urban mobility services. 
Judge joined Mastercard from Transport for London (TfL) where he acquired expertise in the digital enablement of city services, PPP financing and contracting, urban transport management, city governance & politics and customer experience design. 
Michael Kieslinger, Fluidtime Data Services
Michael Kieslinger is founder and Managing Director of Fluidtime Data Services in Vienna, Austria. He has extensive experience in the conception, design and development of interactive mobility information services as well as in managing industrial and research projects. Fluidtime, a leading supplier of IT-systems for integrated mobility, develops and operates software solutions and user-friendly mobile services in the fields of integrated mobility, used by many national and international partners
Adam Laurell, Samtrafiken Sverige
Adam Laurell is responsible for Combined Mobility at Samtrafiken in Sweden, a partnership and development company for passenger transport services using shared resources. He works within Samtrafiken’s Swedish Mobility programme and is also involved in Drive Sweden, the UTIP Combined Mobility Platform, and the Swedish Government’s  “Next generation's travel and transport” initiative. 
Sean Mackin, ABM Parking & Transportation
Sean Mackin is the Branch Manager for the Colorado region with ABM Parking & Transportation having recently transitioned to the private sector after eight years as the Manager of Parking & Mobility Services for the City and County of Denver’s Transportation & Mobility Department.  He has more than 20 years of experience specialising in parking and asset management; played a key role in developing Denver’s Strategic Parking Plan; was a core member of Denver’s team for the USDOT’s $50 million Smart City Challenge and was the proposed grant programme manager.  
Jack Opiola, A-to-Be 
Jack Opiola, Advisory Board Member of A-to-Be and Managing Partner and President of D’Artagnan Consulting, is a pioneer and global thought leader for road user charging in all its forms – parking, tolling, HOT lanes, congestion charging and distance-based road usage charging (RUC or VMT). He brings an enthusiastic, creative, spirited drive to the partnership that has amplified over his 35 years of worldwide work in revenue collection and transportation funding.
Daniel Peterson, Dewberry  
Daniel W. Peterson, Director of Transportation Planning, is based in Dewberry’s New Jersey office and oversees the transportation planning, traffic, electrical, and ITS group. Prior to joining Dewberry, he served as the senior transportation engineer for various regional and international projects including in the Middle East. He has a master's degree in transportation planning and engineering, a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, and for more than 10 years, has served as an adjunct associate professor for the School of Engineering and Applied Mechanics at Columbia University. 
Andrew Pickford, Systra
Andrew Pickford, Director of Infrastructure and Transport Advisory Services for Systra, has 30 years’ experience focused on the design and practical application of ITS to road infrastructure and Smart City applications.  Based in Hong Kong since 2010, he has promoted the benefits of transport service integration, the impact of automation, implementation of travel demand management and leads its MaaS advisory service practice in the region mainly serving government agencies.  He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Transport Studies at the University of Hong Kong.
Martin Russ, AustriaTech
In 2011, Martin Russ became Managing Director of AustriaTech, the “Mobility Agency” of the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation & Technology, which works in partnership with Austrian infrastructure operators, mobility service providers, and industry, as well as research facilities and public authorities.
From 2005 to 2008, Russ was responsible for the Austrian Transport Technology Research Programme and between 2008 and 2011 he was senior advisor for innovation and technology at the cabinet of the Minister of Transport and Innovation and Technology. He is also general secretary of ITS Austria and a member of the Supervisory Board of Ertico – ITS Europe.
Mika Rytkönen, Here
Mika Rytkönen has held several positions in Nokia during last 20 years and is currently Head of Business Development at Here. Throughout his career, he has held various global roles in telecommunications, smartphones, ICT, manufacturing, software, mergers & acquisition, consumer experience and standardisation.
Rytkönen, who is a member of the Supervisory board of Ertico - ITS Europe, had a leading role in establishing the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), founded in February 2011, and he served as the Consortium President and Board Chairman from 2011 - 2013.
Shewetha Surender, Frost & Sullivan
Shwetha Surender leads the Mobility research programme within Frost and Sullivan’s Automotive and Transportation Group, engaged in monitoring research activities and managing a team of senior analysts. She and her team of analysts focus on building research on a range of mobility topics, especially car-sharing business models, and the integration of public transport and road based mobility services. 
Andy Taylor, Cubic Transportation Systems
Andy Taylor is Director of Global Strategy, Cubic Transportation Systems, where he oversees global strategy and focuses on strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology and software companies. A global transportation professional who has worked in the domain for over 25 years, he started in Europe providing a harmonisation role for the UK Department for Transport between the air traffic control programmes of Europe and the USA, before relocating to Washington DC to set up several transport business lines for various companies.
Lucy Yu, Department for Transport, UK
An award-winning technology business leader, Lucy Yu is Head of Innovation and Mobility as a Service at the UK’s Department for Transport. She is also COO of technology company Cucumber and a board member of HackTrain, a company dedicated to innovation in the railway industry. 
She spent five years at SwiftKey – named the hottest start-up in London by Wired magazine – and is a former assistant director at the Cabinet Office. Yu has worked closely with many UK Government departments and has an MSc in Chemistry from Imperial College London.